It wasn’t that many years ago that the only serious choice you had for the power source for your power garden gear was around petrol, deciding between 2-stoke or 4-stroke.

Technology has moved very quickly in the last 10 or so years and now the main choice you’ll face is between petrol and rechargeable battery. So, how do you decide what is right for your needs? Here’s a brief explainer to help you make your choice.


One or both?

Fact is that you don’t need to make a binary all-petrol or all-battery decision. You can mix your gear up to suit your needs. You may, for example, find that battery works well for all of your hand power tools such as a blower, hedge trimmer and hand-pruner but you prefer to stick with petrol for your mower and line trimmer. A huge advantage of Victa battery gear is that it’s all within the one battery ecosystem – the batteries that runs your Victa blower can power a Victa battery mower if you do make that switch from petrol in the future. This also makes it easy to grow your kit in future too.


What about the power levels?

There’s no denying that petrol engines, especially the larger, advanced 4-strokes found on Victa’s wider cut mowers, have some serious cutting power. The question is can you get high cutting power with battery gear?

The Victa battery ecosystem is based around advanced technology Briggs & Stratton 18v batteries. These work hand-in-glove with on-board smart technology that allows excellent levels of power to be delivered to all of their battery driven tools. The true high-power need tools, such as mowers, have been designed to take two batteries, this effectively doubles their power to 36v. These tools also feature demand-based systems within their engines, delivering more power as the load increases. This doesn’t just give you the power for heavy mowing, it helps conserve battery power, extending run-time, too.


Fuelling up

Whether petrol or battery ‘refuelling’ is a necessity. Many home-owners that have made the switch to battery equipment will tell you this is their favourite point of difference. Let’s look at why.

Petrol – fuel cans need to be stored safely in a cool spot. If you have both 2 and 4-stroke equipment you’ll need two clearly marked cans of fresh fuel. Care needs to be taken when decanting fuel into your power tools.

Battery – batteries should be stored in similar ways to fuel cans however they don’t require as much space. Stick with the Victa ecosystem and the same batteries are used across the range of tools, big and small. Assuming you have a spare, and fully-charged, battery ‘refuelling’ is a case of click and go.

When it comes to buying battery tools many are sold as ‘skin only’, that means just the tool without battery and charger, you just use your existing batteries. This also makes them really well priced as you’re not paying for any parts you don’t need.



Due to how it’s built petrol equipment tends to be heavy. With mowers this means you need to store in a spot that minimises lifting or carrying. Contrast this with a battery mower where many are light enough to be easily lifted to store on a shelf or even hung on the wall. And that bring us to another storage difference.

Petrol tools can smell of petrol meaning they are best stored in the garage or shed and care needs to be taken to ensure fuel doesn’t leak in storage. Petrol mowers must be kept on all four wheels and reasonably level to avoid petrol leaks and, with 4-stroke engines, oil from the sump being displaced. Battery power equipment can be stored in any position as there’s nothing to leak.

You’ll also find most battery equipment is smaller in overall size so you simply don’t need as much space.



Petrol equipment requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. This can include changing spark plugs, air filter, oil (in most 4-stroke machines) and blades as well as the regular care and cleaning.

Battery equipment, under most circumstances, only requires regular cleaning and, for mowers, blade changes.


Whichever power tools you settle on for your needs rest assured that when you select Victa power garden tools they’ve been designed and engineered for Aussie gardens.