If you want to beautify your garden & lawn, choose the right tools to get the job done. Whether your garden features overgrown grass, wild weeds, untameable trees or all of the above, we can show you how best to clean-up to get ready for spring.

Tools used

  • Xact™ Weed Puller
  • PowerLever™ Grass & Hedge Shears GS53
  • Plus™ Bypass Pruner P721
  • Solid™ XL Leaf Rake
  • PowerGear™ X Tree Pruner UPX86

Step 1 – Remove weeds from your lawn

The first step towards creating a beautiful lawn & garden ready for spring is to remove any weeds using a Fiskars Xact™ Weed Puller. This tool is a go-to as it eliminates the need to crouch down and remove tough weeds with my hands which can cause back strain and pressure on your wrists.

Step 2 – Mow the lawn

Once the lawn is weed free, move on to mowing. Be sure to keep edges tidy with the Fiskars PowerLever™ Grass and Hedge Shears.

Step 3 – Prune overgrown plants

Next, prune back untidy trees or shrubs using a Fiskars pruner and lopper. This tidying up will help promote new growth for healthy limbs and leave you with a manicured look to be proud of.

For those harder to reach jobs, cut back any overgrown tree branches using a Fiskars extendable tree pruner such as the PowerGear™ X UPX86. This tree pruner extends up to 16′ so even the highest limbs are reachable.

For hedges and shrubs that just need a bit of trimming, turn to a pair of Fiskars shears for quick, clean cuts, such as the versatile PowerLever™ Grass and Hedge Shears .

Step 4- Clean up your clean-up

Once you’ve cleared away the overgrowth from your yard, you’ll be left with some debris. Rake up all remains resulting from clearing the area using the Fiskars Solid™ XL Leaf Rake leaf rake and put into a garden bag for easy removal. To remove, simply take to your compost area and add to the pile.

Now you’re prepped to enjoy your yard all spring and summer long!