Spring and early summer are a good time for a thorough cleaning of the home. It’s an equally good idea to head outside; with the right tools, you can transform a weed-ridden lawn or garden into a beautiful one without harmful toxins. With these tips, you can get rid of weeds gently and take care of the roots.

The right tools guarantee joy
Gardening should also be relaxing. Start by choosing garden tools suitable for different tasks. Also pay attention to the size of the tools; short-handled tools are particularly suitable for weeding individual weeds, and long-handled tools are especially suitable for long-term standing work. By using ergonomic, right-sized tools, you can get to the roots of weeds quickly and effortlessly, saving time and your back.

Start yard work at the right time
Timing is everything, even in gardening. Spring is the best time to do yard and garden work; in spring, the ground is wetter, which makes it easier to uproot weeds in days. If you don’t have time for gardening in the spring, don’t worry. In summer, weeding is best done after the rain.

Weed the lawn first
The dandelions and daisies that have appeared in the yard look like quite innocent guests at first glance. In fact, weeds deprive your lawn of the water and nutrients it needs. With the light, easy-to-use Fiskars Xact Weed Puller, you eradicate even the most stubborn weeds all at once, so that there are no easily re-sprouting root pieces left on the ground.
Tips for using the Fiskars Xact Weed Puller for easy and natural weeding.

1. Push the weed puller blades around the weed. Press the pedal with your foot and push into the ground.
2. Take your foot off the pedal before you lift the weed. Lift by tilting the weed puller back towards you.
3. Eject the weed with the push handle function, and let the weed fly.

Make the yard beautiful
As a finishing touch, trim the edges of the lawn and paving with Fiskars grass shears. With the ergonomically designed, light shears, you can easily reach difficult places. After, you will be rewarded with a beautiful, naturally maintained yard or garden, which will be a pleasure for months to come.